As we move beyond the winter solstice and the season of light what was once a time of renewal and rebirth becomes a time of arrival. We’ve been transformed by the happenings of the previous year and it’s time to show our new faces to the world.  And having just arrived, I find that it’s an excellent time to begin writing to you.  I envision each post I leave here as a kind of letter. I believe that is one of the better ways we have of communicating with each other and one that we don’t take part in enough.

My life has been full of journeys  – journeys of growth and self-discovery, of spiritual awakenings, and journeys during which I’ve connected with others in meaningful ways.  There has never been a  journey from which I haven’t returned with some sort of valuable insight – with some bringing more than others. I’ve always returned much wiser, but still full of questions – never satisfied. On my return – or my arrival home – I’m always filled with a longing to share what I’ve learned, what I’ve discovered, what I’ve seen and felt. This is what I’ll bring to you here.

Gaining this insight is never without risk – I’ve fallen down and been hurt many times.  Yet, nothing has ever knocked me down for good and I’ve never encountered a place which was too deep, too high or too far for me to travel while searching for the light.

Visions of Apollo

It is told young Icarus flew too high
And in a manic state he rose
passing every little winged thing by
the treacherous path of birds he chose.

In tune to the nature of the illness he bore
He fastened waxen feathers to his limber frame
And took off soaring from that craggy shore
So that men would always sing his name.

In glory he flew, furious and fast
Beckoned by the heat of the sun
Until he reached Apollo’s lair at last
Certain of the treasure he had won.

But things turned upside down that day
As the beautiful rays betrayed
For reaching too high has a price to pay
When the fates of men are weighed.

But Icarus kept his eyes to the sky
As he fell to his watery death
Visions of Apollo filled his eye
As he sighed his very last breath.



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6 Responses to Arrival

  1. Remarkable poem. You keep the reader enchanted.
    Icarus, if he had survived, would have Thanked you.

  2. danroberson says:

    The attempt to fly higher was noble. Icarus flew higher but neglected details. He was focused on the end result rather than the journey. If we learn during our journey we are able to share all we’ve learned and seen. Your narrative, Arrival, contains several truths about the journey. I enjoyed both the poem and the narrative. Thanks.

  3. bipolarbear says:

    I loved the poem, and the meaning behind it.

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