A Butterfly in Training

Butterfly and Chinese Wisteria Flowers by Xu Xi c.970

“From cocoon forth a butterfly
As lady from her door emerged…”
~Emily Dickinson

For the past two years or so I’ve been on a journey – a journey of discovering myself.  It was difficult, but it needed to be done. All through it I had an image in my mind of a butterfly in a chrysalis waiting to break out and finally be who I was meant to be, showing my true colors to the world. Or at least to my immediate neighborhood, family, friends and acquaintances. 

Well, here I am. A butterfly. However, I had not considered as I was struggling free that the butterfly is a very fragile creature. They are prone to being slammed into by a car, eaten by a predator, or simply succumbing  to changes in the weather or getting lost on the way. Of course the journey is never over.  And so I wonder, what does a butterfly become when it changes and grows? Does it simply pass on … or does it pass on leaving behind a new generation of butterflies-to-be and more opportunities to grow than one can imagine?

As I’m waiting to find out, I’ll be testing my wings, getting to know my surroundings – the wind might blow me one way and then change course and send me off in another direction (and I suppose I’ll just go with that).  I’m not really strong enough to have any control over the winds that pass over me.  They will take me where they will.

One of the lessons I learned on this recent journey is that I can’t squeeze myself into a mold or confine myself within rigid walls. I need to be true to myself and be open to changes whether I like those changes or not. I was headed in a certain direction when I began this, but as I took a look around this community of writers, I found an unexpected openness and honesty that surprised me. I found a community of understanding and support. I wanted to write in order to reach out to others and give something of myself, but right from the beginning I began to get much more out of it than I seemed able to give.

I suppose my web log will transform itself as I transform. In a sense, this is me. I need to search for new colors to paint my metaphorical butterflies – the way an artist mixes paint to find the perfect hue. After all,  a metaphorical  butterfly should be a different color than the parent butterfly, don’t you think? There are too many beautiful colors in this world to stick to just one.  I’m open to the gifts I receive from others – new colors with which to mix my own – and hope to give some of that back in return.

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10 Responses to A Butterfly in Training

  1. To cage the butterfly is to deny it’s beauty to the world. Open your wings and share your color with us all.

  2. ” I’m not really strong enough to have any control over the winds that pass over me.” – This is my favorite line. The moment you accept your limitations is also the moment you become stronger. Just remember, the greater wind that passes over you, the greater you will be!

  3. Yet the butterfly weathers storms with tattered wings intact enough to sail free, no longer the picture perfect representation of butterflies in people’s minds but the living, damaged, roaming butterflies of the real world, free of misconceptions and other peoples ideas of what they should be! free to be butterflies.

    • This comment is so moving I had to think for awhile of how to respond. I still don’t think I can do it justice. So… thank you. I’m sure my wings will be very tattered at the end of my journey – they are already showing sings of wear – but that’s not going to stop me from taking it now.

      Everyone’s comments here have been so inspiring. Thank you everyone!

  4. weelilwimsy says:

    You write so beautifully. I always liken myself to a butterfly but I never considered how we are slammed into things as winds change. I really liked that. It’s a new perspective I hadn’t considered. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks so much “butterfly” for revealing your beautiful array of colors with the WordPress community. Your words are very inspiring. I hope that you continue to soar to new heights. I’m looking forward to you sharing your thoughts and experiences!

  6. dpbowman says:

    Did you know that in the cocoon there are genes that get “switched on” to create the butterfly form. I think everyone has the “genetics” to truly become what they are meant to be, but sadly many never exit their cocoon with that newness “switched on”!

  7. Unsungpoet says:

    ALWAYS stay true to yourself, really listen to your heart…that’s all we’ve really got…

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