Quantum Physics

I live in a quantum world,
an invisible world,
where spooky action at a distance
is a regular occurrance;
where Planck’s constant
makes determinations for me
and the quantum spin
the only kind I know-
is only ever “spin-up” or “spin-down”.

It would take physicists
the likes of Born, Bohm and Bell
to figure me out,
but all the while I’m a Schrödinger cat
and my existence is undetermined.

I live by Bell’s Theorem.
Unable to avoid quantum entanglements
I engage in systems that are not
divisible by thoughts.
And yet thought experiments
are the only kind I know –
the only way I live.

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2 Responses to Quantum Physics

  1. Have you ever read anything by Greg Braden or Robert Anton Wilson?

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