Reflections on Rilke’s First Duino Elegy

“Yes, springtime needed you! The very stars, row on row, sparkled for your attention.”
Rainer Maria Rilke The First Duino Elegy



I saw the flock of dry leaves
tumbling overhead
being swept away,
and I did notice
the tiny cloudlets
arranged so prettily
in that sweet spot in the sky
where the color condenses into a startling blue.

Orion is still visible in the starry sky,
steadfast although faded by clouds –
a strong and weary warrior
at the end of a winters battle,
while below the snowdrops blossom
just when winter seems victorious
like tiny, white bells
ringing in the new season.

Yes, life persists.
I see constancy amid change
in spite of the deaths of things
and the stars still capture my attention.
And, yes, there are flowers, too.

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13 Responses to Reflections on Rilke’s First Duino Elegy

  1. I adore this lovely poem! Even amid the change, there is abundant beauty all around us. I always find hope when I gaze at the starry sky. Last night’s full moon was an amazing beauty to behold. I hope you got a chance to see it!

  2. Inspires me to write. I found myself reading through this a few times; and each time your words shared with me something profound. Maybe it’s the vanilla latte, but I sure need to slow down and enjoy the moments – a pause and a deep breath will serve me well.

    • I’m so glad it inspires you and I’m happy to know that my poetry goes well with a vanilla latte! Your music and photos do the same for me – a pause, a deep breath… and sometimes a laugh or two!

  3. magsx2 says:

    What a lovely poem, beautifully written. I love seeing the change of the seasons, how everything around us changes, and all we have to do is stop for the briefest of moments and we do see the beauty.

  4. Consistency amid change…That is what nature is all about..Change sometimes so subtle, you don’t see it happening, and yet like the seasons, the changes are regular in their events.

  5. A wise and truthful poem about life – love the image of the snowdrop blossoms changing along with the stars…

  6. Jeannie says:

    wow! I really like this poem. I’ve never read Rilke before (where the heck have I been!) . This is such a lovely poem. I’m going to have to find more of her work to read.

    Jupiter and Venus are out tonight!

    • Thanks, Jeannie – I guess you could say that this poem is my response to Rilke after reading the elegies. You can find more information on Rilke and the Elegies in my previous post. But definitely check him out (yes, he’s a him!) Thank you so much for your comment. Jupiter and Venus have been looking awesome – I think they’ve been capturing everyone’s attention!

  7. bipolarmuse says:

    Wonderful poem! I read through it several times and I just envision the lovely night sky (my favorite). Stars always capture my attention. Very lovely… and your blog is beautiful.

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