An Invitation to the Gathering

The Nine Muses Dancing With Apollo

“Meanwhile I’m still going to the Cezanne room… I again spent two hours in front of a few pictures today; I sense this is somehow useful for me. ”
~Rilke, Letters On Cezanne

It’s been a few months since I stumbled upon the gift of seeing things through the eyes of an artist and the realization of how much that would change the way I write.  I began to spend time looking at paintings, talking with artists and tried to paint a few of my own. But it was by really spending time with a painting that my eyes were opened. The paintings came alive with a sense of movement and a message and my writing changed. I thought about writing a few posts on the topic, but the more I pursued this idea the more it took on a life of its own. So now, I’ve taken the wild step of beginning a new blog dedicated to my discovery where the idea can have a room of its own with lots of space to grow.  I hope a few of my friends from visionsofapollo will pay a visit and say hello to my new vision there.  You may recognize it, after all, it took its baby steps here.  Please come visit me at

“I find myself advancing now, but it all takes a long, long time.  When I remember the puzzlement and insecurity of one’s first confrontation with his work… and then for a long time nothing, and suddenly one has the right eyes…”

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6 Responses to An Invitation to the Gathering

  1. jeffstroud says:

    I think you have been guided my your muse to seek and to see creativity through the works of others.
    In The Artist’s Way it suggest just that, to take our creative self out on an artists date, for an hour once a week.

    I have not really followed this blog all that well, yet here I am beginning to follow your new blog as well. I think it is a great way to expand, explore, to inspire and be inspired.

  2. My late brother-in-law was an artist, and an art teacher. I have a few of his paintings in my “sanctuary” and I look at them frequently. He loved light houses and the seashore scenes, and as I look at them, I see great detail and shadow placement that only a true artist with the artist’s eye could put to canvas. As for myself, I am amazed at the talent that it takes to merely sign and date the work…Paint and I are not compatible.
    By the way, I wish you ‘good fortune’ with the new blog. When horizons are expanding, seek always the farthest…

    • I’m amazed at what artists can do, too. I didn’t realize what it took to create a painting until I attempted one myself. It really is possible to look at a painting for hours and still not see everything there is to see in it. I think that’s a great thing.

  3. Virginia says:

    Hey, I’ve just nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Check out the link to my blog to find out what to do

  4. Subhan Zein says:

    Nice post! And I love the painting! :-)

    Subhan Zein

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