Dream Triptych

Dreamers (1882) by Albert Moore

trip·tych (noun)
1. an ancient Roman writing tablet with three waxed leaves hinged together
2a. a picture (as an altarpiece) or carving in three panels side by side b: something composed or presented in three parts or sections.

I have kept a dream journal for several years now. I keep a tablet near my bed and when I wake up remembering a dream, I scribble it down without turning on a light or even opening my eyes.  If I rouse myself, sit up, let the light enter my eyes the dreams are chased out of my memory and are lost. Of course, scribbling with eyes closed makes for sloppy handwriting. I just type them up in a more legible form later on.

In my experience, I’ve found that the more I record my dreams, the more I remember them. The more I pay attention to them, the more I’m able to see in them.  Patterns begin to appear.  A progression of events will play out during recurring dreams. These change over time as I work through a current problem in my waking life. Dreams ebb and flow according to events going on in my life. Emotional times are dream filled times.

Most of my dreams are long. Often one scene is linked to another until they make up one long dream. These are the ones that are the most fun to analyze and the ones I learn the most from. Occasionally, however, I have a type of beautiful dream that is only a brief glimpse of something.  A vision. A momentary image that lasts but a second or two in my mind, forever in my memory. I have these most often when I’m in what’s called a hypnogogic state – that transitional time between waking and sleeping.

These visions could be analyzed like a “normal” dream. I usually come up with some sort of idea about them. But sometimes it seems the only respectable thing to do with them would be to paint them. I’m not much of a painter so for now I only paint them with words. I use the most picturesque form of words that I know of. I paint them in a poem.


White Flora

I see a small weed
In a wind so strong.
Leaves clutch and sway
Holding on and on.

When leaves expire,
In a burst of white,
Flowers appear
Hope and beauty unite.



I see you
standing on the bones of a whale,
sand shifting beneath your feet.
The sound of waves crashing
mixes with the hum
of a thousand dragonflies
circling around your head.

“Come with me,” I whisper to them,
but I have nowhere to lead them.
They stay with you
as I quietly walk away.



A row of trees
bare and black
reaching mountain heights.

A blast of fury
tempest wind
a momentary bending.

Then electricity
from tree to bended tree.

A mad Tesla experiment?
A bridging of synapses?
What passionate connection
is this?

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19 Responses to Dream Triptych

  1. bipolarmuse says:

    I LOVE this post and especially the poems… they are so descriptive that I can envision what you are telling. Very beautiful.

  2. I keep a dream journal as well, I look for dream pens, the ones with leds built in so they only light the page. You are write, the memory fades quickly and words often don’t suffice. I have to try poetry. … Thank you.

    • That’s a great idea! I wonder where I can find one of those pens. I’m finding that I really like writing my dreams into poems. I still wish I could paint them. Working on that. :) Maybe I will see a dream poem on your blog someday.

  3. Beautiful imagery – what if you spoke into a small, digital recorder? Even most phones have recording options.

    • That’s a great idea, too. I do have a small recorder and have been thinking of recording my poems on it. I’ll have to give the dreams a try, too, as long as I have it out. Thanks!

  4. J.B. O'Shea says:

    Great idea, and the poems show its fruits.

  5. Those dreams that are brief glimpses of an image or a person in a special setting, and then stay in my memory – some of them come with such a strong feeling of bliss, too. Sometimes I desperately want to go back and make the dream continue, but have never been able to. Sigh…

    Wonderful poems! I like this image you created: “The sound of waves crashing mixes with the hum of a thousand dragonflies circling around your head.

    • Yes, they do come with a strong feeling of bliss. Maybe that’s why I love them so much. It still amazes me how beautiful they can be. And how crazy! Like birds walking in the air, beautiful fish flying through the air, too, as well as under the water… I never know what’s coming next! The dragonflies… that dream was particularly meaningful to me. Glad you liked it.

  6. The descriptive imagery is fantastic in “Ungrounded” and “White Flora”. “Ungrounded” made me smile, even giggle a little. It was probably the last stanza that did it. “A mad tesla experiment? A bridging of synapses? What passionate connection is this?”

    I dunno, the differing feelings and images associated with it just gave me a serious case of giddiness. I’m still not down from that totally, and it’s making an otherwise mediocre day pretty bright. I’m sorry if that wasn’t the original tone for the poem! It’s just how it hit me.

    I enjoy the introduction to these poems, too. You have a distinct writing voice. I can almost hear you talking in my head- I can’t say for sure if it’s anywhere near right, but I do like the way it sounds in my mind. It’s just the way you use your impressive vocabulary, I expect. I enjoy learning new words- I’d heard triptych before, just never actually gone and looked it up. I can’t remember now what the context for it was, but that’s always the way for me.

    As for dream journals, my brother keeps one. I don’t- I remember my dreams clearly for a little while, and then they fade, and for me maybe that’s to the better. My dreams are darker than my life would imply. It’s difficult to say why without babbling on and on, so perhaps I’ll leave it at that. Alas, there I go again anyway. Tangents have kidnapped me and won’t let me go.

    Hi, ariadnesdaughter! I’ve been meaning to pop in and thank you for visiting my site for some time now. It’s just been a while. I haven’t forgotten. I may be slow but I do like returning favors, so I thought that now’d be as good a time as any to check out your work. Your writing style is eloquent and enjoyable. This won’t be the last you hear from me! Unless, you know, you don’t want me to come back. That’d be another issue entirely!


    • Of course I want you to come back! I love to get feedback and you certainly did give me that. :) Ungrounded… yes, that was a pretty strange dream. The last stanza did have a sort of humorous, quizzical tone to it, I guess. My feeling after having the dream was ‘What the heck was THAT?” so I had to speculate. I’m glad it brightened your day.
      I take it as a good thing if you can hear my “writing voice”. Doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong – it’s just good if I have one. Thanks for that!
      Tangents often kidnap me, too. That’s a funny way of looking at it! Kind of gets you off the hook if it’s the tangent’s fault, not your own. :) I’m always interested in talking about dreams, so if you feel like babbling about your dark dreams feel free to babble my way. :) (e-mail address is on my profile)

  7. mairmusic says:

    V.cool– post and verses. You have “painted” the images well.

  8. lostupabove says:

    Hello I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you enjoy it. Details can be found here: http://wp.me/p1ZC80-U4
    Love, Steph

  9. Francina says:

    oh ,wonderful poems. Number two being my favourite of the three.

    Ciao, Francina

  10. Unsungpoet says:

    Awesome entry about dreams…I can so relate as I’ve always been an avid dreamer…There is so much more to the dream planes and world of dream visions than most realize; more than merely subconscious ramblings. Your poems are truly marvelous little treasures, they painted the visions so well, and with such concise beauty. I really like your blog, and will be back for more!

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