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Quantum Physics

I live in a quantum world, an invisible world, where spooky action at a distance is a regular occurrance; where Planck’s constant makes determinations for me and the quantum spin– the only kind I know- is only ever “spin-up” or … Continue reading

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The Bees of Mythology

“Slight though the poet’s theme, not slight the praise. Of air-born honey, gift of heaven, I now take up the tale.”  ~ Virgil Georgics Book IV Consider the mythic tale of Aristaeus.  Aristaeus, the son of Apollo, was a beekeeper among … Continue reading

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As we move beyond the winter solstice and the season of light what was once a time of renewal and rebirth becomes a time of arrival. We’ve been transformed by the happenings of the previous year and it’s time to show our new faces … Continue reading

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